Aromatherapy Diffuser Jewelry

AromaJewelry by CL Hendricks features a number of styles of personal essential oil passive diffusers. Each piece is unique and created with the wearer in mind. Handcrafted of the finest materials, each pendant, hair clip or brooch, will deliver hours of personal and therapeutic essential oil fragrance.

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Air Dry Clay Diffusers

Air dry clay is the perfect medium for wearable diffuser jewelry.  You don't have to search very far before you will find all kinds of jewelry pieces, usually pendants made of air dry clay, either white or the more popular, terra cotta (orange).

While they emit the fragrance of the oil very well, they do tend to be a bit fragile. This is why I've worked so diligently to bring you pieces that combine air dry clay with the stability of either baked poly clay or metal, for pieces that are totally unique and will provide years of enjoyment and therapeutic benefits.

Lava bracelet

Diffuser Lockets

Diffuser lockets are probably one of the best ways to wear a personal diffuser, primarily because they locket holds a clay or felt button.

You apply the oil to the button, and when you wish to use a different fragrance, you simply pop in a different button.

For a fine jewelry diffuser locket, we also offer pieces from a few affiliates.

If you need extra clay buttons for your locket, whether you purchased it from us or from another company, we'll be glad to make you a supply of clay buttons.

Tray Diffuser Pendants

I was looking for a way to strengthen the air-dry clay pendants with a stronger bail. When I spotted these metal photo trays, used to create photo or memory pendants, I knew I'd found exactly what I was seeking.

The trays combine the versatility of clay with the strength and look of precious metal.

Check out our "Tray pendants", consisting of the natural metal color. Then our "Rainbow Trays" are metal trays coated in bright durable paint. Then the "Fancy Trays" are definitely a bit fancier and artistic.

poly bottle diffuser