Aromatherapy Pins and Brooches

Why an aromatherapy diffuser pin or brooch? Sometimes a personal diffuser hanging around your neck can be more of a hindrance than a benefit. Afterall, a pendant can get caught in things, be grabbed or interfere with dress safety regulations.

That's when a pin or brooch that clips or pins to a piece of clothing is the perfect way to enjoy the fragrance and therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy.

A few drops of essential oils on the clay button and you'll be able to enjoy the fragrance for hours, if not days.


These pin/brooch diffusers feature clay buttons mounted on metal trays. On the back of the trays there are two different types of clips: a tie-bar or alligator clip, and a brooch pin. This provides versatility when it comes to how and where these pins can be worn. 

 Natural Wood Pins

 The rugged simplicity of some of these natural wood pins may appeal to both men and women.

 Aromatherapy Tie Tacs

 These tie tac diffusers feature stamped air-dry clay mounted in a metal tray with a tie tac back. The designs are simple and rather plain, making them ideal for a man's lapel or tie, or for a child's collar.

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