Charm'n Wood Aromatherapy Pendants

Our Charm'n Wood Pendants are a great way to enjoy your favorite essential oil or essential oil blend at work or school in a quiet unobtrusive way. All of the items on this page are designed to provide you hours and days of aromatherapy benefits.

Wood is not only porous, but is sturdy and pretty durable. 

You simply place a drop or two of oil on areas of wood that area exposed, whether on the back of the pendant or on the clear areas around the charm.

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Recommended Essential Oil Blends for Passive Diffusing

You may have your own favorite essential oil or blend to use with your aromatherapy jewelry, but for those new to passive diffusing check out these therapeutic blends.

Remember: For safety's sake never ingest any essential oils, unless under the care and guidance of a certified aromatherapist.

The designs which include leather or hemp cords come with a clasp and loop closure.